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OUT FOR DRINKS: The Savoy's Beaufort Bar Pop-up Menu

From The Savoy

Known the world over for its theatrical art deco setting and innovative drinks, The Beaufort Bar has launched a spectacular new cocktail menu that pushes the boundaries of cocktail making, imagination and design.

The brainchild of award-winning Head Bartender Chris Moore, The Beaufort Bar’s new menu takes the form of a limited edition pop-up book. Featuring beautifully hand-drawn and painstakingly cut illustrations, the menu’s pages throw open a heady world of characters, tales and scents, with each exquisitely crafted cocktail telling its own unique story.

The illustrations were drawn by Joe Wilson, renowned for his extraordinary attention to detail and precise draftsmanship. Combining traditional and contemporary styles and techniques and working with ink, pencil and digital colour, Joe, alongside paper cutting expert, Helen Friel, has ensured that Chris Moore’s creations have been visually realised on the menu’s pages. With each page illustrating not only what the drink will look like, but also what inspired its unique flavours and design, The Beaufort Bar’s pop-up menu will take guests on a tactile and pictorial journey that tantalises the taste-buds and inspires the senses.

Inspired by far-flung parts of the world and famous faces and travelling through iconic eras, the menu takes the guest on a journey from light to dark. Beginning with light spirits, florals and zesty citrus, the menu then touches on fruit based spirits and sweet ingredients before concluding with dark spirits, spicy notes and rich flavours.

Included in the menu are the Beaufort Bar’s popular Character Cocktails and other entirely unique creations such as the Impressionist, a dramatic cocktail dedicated to Claude Monet and served with a smoking rose, and Ratification, incorporating Martini Rosato pressure infused with strawberries.

The limited edition menu, of which there are only 1000 copies, is a piece of artwork in its own right. Each numbered edition can be bought for £50 from Savoy Tea or the Beaufort Bar itself and makes the ideal gift for both cocktail aficionados and design lovers.
OUT FOR DRINKS: The Savoy's Beaufort Bar Pop-up Menu. Image Amplified
OUT FOR DRINKS: The Savoy's Beaufort Bar Pop-up Menu. Image Amplified
OUT FOR DRINKS: The Savoy's Beaufort Bar Pop-up Menu. Image Amplified

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