FEATURED MODEL: Chad Buchanan by Photographer Scott Hoover
LOOKBOOK: Harry Goodwins for Bjorn Borg High Summer 2013

WE ♥ CHER: Cher & Nicolas Cage for Premiere, 1988

WE ♥ CHER- Cher & Nicolas Cage for Premiere, 1988. www.imageampilfied.com, Image Amplified (1)
Ma: Premiere, 1988
Mo: Cher & Nicolas Cage
With the debut of the documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher about her mother, and the release of her upcoming CD and tour, Cher could be poised to make 2013 her year. But when your career spans 5 decades there are bound to be plenty of years that are yours. We heart Cher because she has done it all (winning an Academy Award, an Emmy award, a Grammy award, and three Golden Globe awards in the process) and remained true to who she is as a female and an individual, every step along the way. Never afraid to mix lowbrow with highbrow, spectacle with sophistication, authenticity with drama, Cher is a true Icon. We heart her because we can't wait for what this familiar, lovable icon might have in store for us next. 

May is Cher’s month. Happy Birthday, Cher. You Rock. We heart you.


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