TWIST MAGAZINE: Baptiste DeMay & Julien Quevenne by Photographer Nelson Simoneaud
THE BLOCK MAGAZINE: Caroline Winberg in "Sweet Caroline" by Photographer David Roemer

WE ♥ VIVIENNE WESTWOOD: Happy Birthday to Vivienne Westwoood

Happy Birthday to Vivienne Westwood, whom we'd like to officially declare as patron saint of everything fashion and culture need right now. As the consumer culture wars crush creativity, freedom and the environment (equally), we name Vivienne Westwood Patron Saint of Wake Up, Look Around and Possibly Tear Some Sh*t Up. All in a fabulous, edgy, anti-establishment style. Who else is doing what she does? As well as she does? For as long as she has? Thank you, Dame Westwood for giving us so much to celebrate.

WE ♥ VIVIENNE WESTWOOD: Happy Birthday to Vivienne Westwoood. Image Amplified


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