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I. Love. This. Show.

As far as I was concerned, opening night for AS FILTHY AS IT GETS was not to be missed. The Methane Sisters truly rock, in every sense of the word. They eat, drink, smoke and snort rock & roll.  Ann Jewlie and May Joon fully embody the hilarious ups and downs of the archetypal pop culture music gods the industry pops out by the decade. And we're along for the ride as The Sisters position themselves to catch up for a comeback.

And this comeback story is in technicolor, multimedia, 3-D. The songs in the show mostly are Methane standards, familiar to fans. The video work is visually tasty, funny, gritty. And the quiet moments of drama show a glimpse behind the songs and outrageous stage personalities. There's heart here.

Mucho kudos to Annele, Monessa, Sam Lerma, Jump-Start for such a delicious treat. And a huge thank you to Dino Foxx for helping me get some shots, which I hope somewhat live up to the occasion.

For more information regarding show dates and times, visit Jump-Start.org.

More photos to come...

METHANE-SISTERS-TROY-WISE-PHOTOGRAPHYAS FILTHY AS IT GETS: The Methane Sisters on Opening Night. Troy Wise Art & Photography: Image Amplified www.troywisephotography.com 

from troywise.com


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