WONDERLAND MAGAZINE: Backdoor Man by Mariano Vivanco
VANITY FAIR MAGAZINE: New Moon's Robert Pattinson by Bruce Weber


Doug Ordway

Geil Magazine is run by Daniele (Dan) Mancinetti that has been proven again and again to be a true psychopath. This is truly a warning to all in the fashion business to avoid this individual. He is a bratty rich kid from Rome, who's wealthy parents contain his untreatable psychopathic tendencies by feeding his game with money so this magazine can be published. Do not believe his games, nor do you need to believe me. Investigate for yourself by contacting anyone that has worked for Mr. Mancinetti. The stories are endless and his debts are 100s of 1000s of Euro.

maree mitchell

agreed.. daniele mancinetti does nothing but waste talented photographers' time and leave a string of debt wherever he goes

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