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    • Image Amplified

    Estilo Street -- Runway en la Calle

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-Una-Noche-de-la-Gloria--Estilo-Street-Runway-en-la-Calle-8
      Photos from one of San Antonio's most culturally relevant fashion events. Featuring work by Agosto Cuellar, John McBurney with Rene Roberts, Penners with Felix Tambora, Jhosiah Huerta, and the TJ Fashionistas. (October 9, 2010. Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Official event of Una Noche de la Gloria 2010. Contemporary Art in the Cultural Zone. Produced by Agosto Cuellar with Mari Salinas.)

    The Methane Sisters in: As Filthy as it Gets

      Photos from the play written and performed by Monessa Esquivel and Annele Spector, on their opening night at The Sterling Houston Theater.

    WIP CREME at Jump-Start May 2010

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-WIP-CREME-JUMPSTART-99
      From Jump-Start.org: WIP Crème will feature 6-8 artists performing short works that range from theatre to contemporary to hip-hop, amongst other genres. It showcases outstanding artists from the past season of W-I-P and is a pure celebration! W-I-P (Works-In-Progress/Wednesdays-In-Performance) is a collaboration between Jump-Start Performance Co. and San Antonio Dance Umbrella. It is a monthly lab space for new, in-progress dance and other movement-based performance works accompanied by a facilitated post-performance discussion. W-I-P is known for its eclecticism: modern dancers, belly dancers and performance artists have performed in the same evening and been inspired by each other, as well as expanding the audience’s perception of performance. For W-I-P Crème, we have selected some of our favourites from the past. The line-up will include Push Pens, Shimarella, Doyle Avant, PACDance, Northwest Vista College Dance Ensemble, Seme Jatib, Alysya Perez.

    Artistry Co.'s Haute Voltage

    • Troy-wise-haute-voltage-the-saint-9
      These photos were taken at Artistry Co.'s ongoing Haute Voltage night at the Saint.

    PHENOMENA: Fashion Tribute to Alexander McQueen

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-Runway-9
      Featuring designers Grace Manley, Sunny Smith and Angie Weatherhead. Select models provided by Avant Agency Inc.. Makeup by Artistry Co.. Hair by JD & Viktor's Hair Studio.

    The Methane Sisters Perform at SA Current's MoSAic

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-Methane-Sisters-MoSAic-8
      The Methane Sisters thrill and scandalize the crowd at the SA CURRENT's "moSAic" party that wrapped up CAM for 2010. They are our (anti-) heroes.


    • Troy-Wise-Photography-Shimarella-MoSAic-91
      Entrancing! Mesmerizing! Shimarella does her thing at SA Current's "MoSAic."


    • Troy-Wise-Photography-MoSAic-Fashion-Show-86
      Love it or hate it. Like it or leave it. It's the San Antonio indie fashion scene! And I'm there documenting what goes down the runway. The SA Current's "MoSAic" fashion show featured Top Knotch Officials, Agosto Cuellar, Vanessa Centeno, Marti's, Marissa Massiel, Miss Roxy Derek, and Salon 720.

    Backstage at Artistry Co.'s Haute Voltage.

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-Haute-Voltage-Behind-the-Scenes-8
      These photos were taken backstage at The Saint as Artistry Co. prepares to take the stage for Haute Voltage.

    Swagg Presents Perez Hilton's One Night in Austin

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-Snoop-Dogg-Perez-Hilton-39
      It all started with finding out on Friday that we got into Perez's party at SXSW. Complete shock but so excited! It was like winning Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket. And by the time we received our magical wristband to walk through the doors at the Whitley, we had waited hours outside in anticipation of what was rumored to be The Place, The Party, The Event. And what we found? One word: "epic." After all, we were THIS CLOSE to Snoop Dogg, Courtney Love and Hole, Macy Gray as they performed one hit after another. And new acts like Marina and the Diamonds, and Alphabeat whetted our appetite, making us want to watch their ascendence in the near future. These are my shots from the night. Thanks Perez!

    Luminaria Arts Night 2010

    • Luminaria-2010-8-Troy-Wise-Photography-5792
      Photos from 2010's Luminaria Arts Night in San Antonio.

    ROCKS OFF: Fashion Photographs

    • Ryan Melissa 2
      This Troy Wise photo shoot features the work of designer Matthew Therrien. Photographed at Bonds 007 Rock Bar, models Katherine, Melissa and Ryan were styled by Salon Diva.

    Behind the Scenes: ROCKS OFF

    • Rocks-Off-Behind-the-Scenes-Rick-G-9
      Behind the scenes of the Troy Wise Art & Photography photo shoot featuring Matthew Therrien fashion. Photographed and filmed at Bonds 007 Rock Bar. Styled by Salon Diva. Katherine and Ryan, models.

    The Artistry Co.'s Haute Voltage Candyland

    • Haute-voltage-january-2010-8
      The Artistry Company presents Haute Voltage Candyland, a mix of fashion show and performance art. Featuring Cielo, Andre D, Courtney D, Toni R, along with designers Candace C & Toni J.

    15 Minutes After the Party

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-Back-From-the-Party-8
      A journey back to before it all happened.

    Jump-Start Performance Co.'s Performance Party 25

    • Jump-Start-Party-25-9-Troy-Wise-Photography-4038
      I was lucky enough attend about 3 hours of Performance Party 25 at Jump-Start. Those in attendance helped celebrate the performance company's 25th anniversary and were treated to previews of the variety of shows Jump-Start will feature throughout the year.

    Green Christmas: The Eco-Couture Fashion Event

    • GREEN-CHRISTMAS-Eco-Fashion-Show-48
      Photos from the fashion show produced by Tony Harris Fashion Productions & PR, featuring international designer JALPAR.

    The Artistry Co.'s HAUTE VOLTAGE 2

    • Haute-Voltage-19-Troy-Wise-Photography-2642
      Photos from The Artistry Co.'s Haute Voltage 2, which took place at The Saint.

    HAUTE VOLTAGE Featuring Grace Manley

    • Troy-Wise-Art-&-Photography-1988S
      Shot on location at The Saint.

    HALLOWEEN 2009

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-w-HALLOWEEN2009A
      Best of my party pics of Halloween 2009. Taken at Bonham Exchange, Pegasus, Saint and Heat.

    Angelina Mata: Fall 2009 Collection

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-0688-copy
      This album features photos from Angelina Mata's Fall 2009 fashion show.

    Una Noche de Fashionistas 2009

    • Troy-Wise-Photography-1040v
      A look at the fashion show spotlighting designs by Agosto Cuellar, MT, Mary Alice Medina and more. Backstage, behind the scenes, and at the runway.

    IADT's "MJ on the Runway" at Museo Alameda

    • MJ-on-the-runway-Troy-Wise-Photography-ddd9781
      These photos were taken at the International Academy of Design & Technology's Michael Jackson-inspired runway show at the Smithsonian-affiliated Museo Alameda in San Antonio. August 2009. All rights reserved Troy Wise.

    MSTRKRFT IN AUSTIN. October 2008

    • MSTRKRFT-In-Austin-Troy-Wise-Photography-19
      Photos from MSTRKRFT's show at La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX. October 2008.

    The Famousish & Undiscovered Austin

    • The-Famousish-Undiscovered-Austin-Oct-23-2008-3
      The Famousish & Undiscovered Austin bring the FUN to their events and parties like few can. We're there as often as possible.

    Toni & Guy Hair Show

    • Tony&Guy-Troy-Wise-Photography-Preview-1
      These photos were taken at the Toni & Guy hair show in August, 2009. All rights reserved Troy Wise.


    • FIRSTFRIDAYJUNE2008troywise12
      Behind the scenes, and out in The Scene: Troy Wise, Frank Vecchio and the Labkids capture it all with a camera.


    • LOFT120 was the first Project ART SHOW SPACE. These photos were taken during monthly First Fridays, private openings, parties and happenings. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2008.

    Plant Life

    • Flowers-and-Plants-at-the-Alamo-Troy-Wise-Photography-w8878
      Shots taken of plant life in and around the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. All rights reserved Troy Wise.

    Rodeo at the Alamo

    • Rodeo-at-the-Alamo-Troy-Wise-Photography-15
      As part of June's Houston Street Fair, C 4 Ranch Events held its 2nd Annual Rodeo in front of the Alamo in San Antonio. All rights reserved Troy Wise.


    • WINDOW_troy_wise_photography-5
      These photos are from a recent visit to Austin, Texas. I found this spot near the Warehouse District.

    Dicscovery Tours at the Alamo

    • The-Alamo-Troy-Wise-Photography-7756
      Photos: Troy Wise Art & Photography.

    Downtown Photos

    • DOWNTOWN-Troy-Wise-Photography-13
      More shots of my urban landscape. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2009.

    San Antonio

    • San-Antonio-Photo-12-Troy-Wise-Photography-7058
      San Antonio is a city I've wanted to photograph for its rich heritage, mix of cultures, and textured architecture. There's much to be explored and documented. I will be collecting some of those images in this album. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2009

    Fiesta San Antonio 2009

    • FIESTA-31
      Photos of the Fiesta Flambeau ("People's") Parade.

    Midnight Photos

    • Midnight-Photos-Skyline2
      Photos taken during a midnight walk through downtown San Antonio. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2009.

    Cafe Cinema April 10th, 2009

    • Cafe-Cinema-Troy-Wise-Photography-8
      Café Cinema is presented by Madhatters Tea House & Café Express in conjunction with NALIP, the Radius Center and Troy Wise Photography.


    • MuseoAlamedaDjGanasTroyWisePhoto26
      Photos in this album were taken at the Museo Alameda, located at 318 W Houston St # 200, San Antonio, TX 78205.

    Art of Fashion 2008

    • Art-of-Fashion-2008-by-Troy-Wise-170
      Art of Fashion 2008 featured designers Angelina Mata, Henry de la Paz, Agosto Cuellar, Javier Castillo, stylists from the AVEDA Institute and recent graduates from University of the Incarnate Word. This album is the story of that fashion show told in pictures: on the runway, backstage & behind the scenes. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2008.

    First Friday April 2009

      For April's First Friday outing in months, we stopped by the Blue Star Arts Complex to check out Rummage Haus @ Stella Haus.

    First Friday March 2009

    • First_Friday_March_Troy_Wise-3559
      For our first First Friday outing in months, we stopped by the Blue Star Arts Complex to visit Stella Haus and Joan Grona Gallery.

    Madhatters Tea House Cafe & Express

    • Mdhttrs21
      These photos were taken at the two Madhatters locations in San Antonio, Texas. Madhatters Tea House & Cafe is located in Southtown at 320 Beauregard. Madhatters Tea House & Cafe Express is located downtown at 106 Auditorium Circle at the Radius Center.

    View from a Train, Part I

    • December-Travel-2008-Troy-Wise-Photography-17
      The first part of an impressionistic series taken on a train between San Antonio and Austin, Texas. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2009.

    View from a Train, Part II

    • December-Travel-2008-Troy-Wise-Photography-32
      The second part of an impressionistic series taken on a train between San Antonio and Austin, Texas. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2009.

    View from a Train, Part III

    • December-Travel-2008-Troy-Wise-Photography-43
      The final part of an impressionistic series taken on a train between San Antonio and Austin, Texas. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2009.

    52 Photos of an Office

    • 52-PHOTOS-OF-AN-OFFICE-Troy-Wise-Art-Photography
      All rights reserved Troy Wise 2009.

    50 Photos of Katita

      All rights reserved Troy Wise 2009.

    Urban Noir

    • SCENES-4-5-AND-6-Troy-Wise-Photography-43
      All rights reserved Troy Wise 2008.

    The City at Night

    • The-City-at-Night-Troy-Wise-Photography-32
      All rights reserved Troy Wise 2008.

    First Thursday November 2008

    • Stella-Haus-Art-Space-First-Thursday-4
      We're always happy when we can make it out to see the art on First Thursday. It's the perfect night to see the work and maybe even meet the artist, if you're lucky. This November we stopped by Stella Haus Art Space, Cactus Bra Space, the Joan Grona Gallery, and Jump-Start.

    Alexis Meridian's Masquerade Ball. Oct 2008

    • Alexis-Meridian-2008-Troy-Wise-Photography-19
      These photos are from Miss Alexis Meridian's Halloween Masquerade Ball at Radius.

    Delicate Biological Blossoms

    • DBBCOVERwebversion
      Stills from the multimedia installation.

    First Thursday August 2008

    • San-Antonio-Aug-First-Thursday-by-Troy-Wise-56
      First Thursdays are an opportunity to see the art in San Antonio's Southtown before the big First Friday art walk. I like this night because it's easier to focus on the art and talk to the people responsible for the showing the work. This particular night ended at the Museo Alameda, for their DJ series.


    • LOFT120 was the first Project ART SHOW SPACE. These photos were taken during monthly First Fridays, private openings, parties and happenings. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2008.


    • Fashion-Remix-11
      Challenging the concept of a finished photo: these images have been reworked and reinterpreted. All rights reserved Troy Wise 2008.

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